Octopus Soap 6.6 oz

$ 12.95

AFFORDABLE PRACTICAL LUXURY ------- Made in WA.-------Ask us about our U.S.A. Wholesale Program.

This expressive OCTOPUS soap bar is all tentacles. It will sit on your counter or soap dish  and wait for your attention with a stare.

Based on customer experience and feedback, this very practical yet decorative all vegetable soap bar will last for well over 2.5 years if not used for washing hands or body. As always, use is optional with our designs.

The soap bar is 3" wide, 4.5" long and 2" high. It arrives to you packaged in a fitted kraft mailer board, bearing a simple white label on top. This packaged item weighs 9 ounces.

Please Note: Because of our unique and extensive hand-made process, each bar may vary slightly in color and edge detail. Also keep in mind that at times, and as with all soap bar products, this finished product may shrink up to 15% due to moisture lost when not in use.

The natural oils make it smooth and creamy to use while nicely achieving a soothing lather. Please select from the following 8 combinations for Color / Scent using the drop-down menu above.

White / Oatmeal Milk Honey
Grey / Lavender Vanilla
Dark Grey / Unscented
Peach / Papaya Coconut
Orange / Sparkling Citrus
Red / Citrus Cucumber Jasmine
Brown / Sandalwood
Lavender / Lavender essential Oil

This luxury bar is richly detailed and delicately scented using a low sweat vegetable base. The natural oils make it smooth and creamy to use while nicely achieving a soothing lather. Click here for details about our ingredients. 

Select from the color / scent combinations above. Click here for details about our organic forms.
  • It arrives to you packaged in a 4.5"W x 3D x 2"H natural color cardboard gift box, bearing a simple white label on top, wrapped with natural raffia. This packaged item weighs 9 ounces. For shipping rates click here.

Please Note: Because of our unique and extensive hand-made process, every soap bar may differ slightly in color from those pictured.