Guest Soap (set of 3) 6.6 oz

$ 9.99

BEST VALUE !  We often hear that our beautifully designed soaps are "much too pretty to use." To help our customers to also appreciate the physical properties of our sculpted soaps, we've created this simpler form. Each weighs 2.2 ounces and has the same fragrance and color combinations as our sculpted soap forms. This size is ideal for children and short stay house guests. Each package is a bundle of 3 round bars and is our best value per ounce!

This 3" round is made using our soap formula #2 and is delicately scented. Click here for details about our ingredients. Using natural oils makes it smooth and creamy to use while achieving a rich lather. Select from the 12 color and scent combinations above.

  • A set of three 5/8" tall disks are packaged with natural craft cardboard wrapped with natural raffia. See photo.
  • This packaged item weighs 6.5 ounces. For shipping rates click here.

Please Note: Because of our unique and extensive hand-made process, every bar may slightly different in color and surface detail.