Organic Forms

Ergonomically speaking, our designs take into consideration how the organically shaped soap bar will feel in your hand as you press it against your body during use.

sculpted side up   
A comfortable "grip friendly"side. Your hand protects the surface from wearing too quickly so that the deep details linger longer for your continuous viewing pleasure.

flat side down     
A smooth level surface for your skin and soap dish. This side resembles a typical square bar. This 3" diameter base will rest comfortably in your soap dish. It also fits nicely in a 3" pillar candle holder for a pedestal-like display.


larger size by design


This reduction in wear is enhanced further by our soap formulas. they are formulated to be a "hard" soap when compared to most typical handcrafted natural soaps made of vegetable oils. Our soaps will still produces a rich and stable lather and will not absorb the water as quickly so that it doesn't become soft and fragile over time.

long lasting formula.